We’re Renée and Amy; two work-from-home friends who are fanatical about helping other women find their niches and reach their goals. We met online through a homeschool blogger network, realized our sons attended homeschool gym together and became fast friends. 

It wasn’t long before we discovered that we both had an itch to make pretty things and had a love for designing printables, creating graphics, and taking photos. We also realized that bloggers in all niches were in desperate need of the skills that we had honed. 

Over the years, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to truly set yourself apart in the printable market. We each have our own stream of steady clients, and together we manage both the largest general content buying/selling group on Facebook and the largest printable-only buying/selling group on Facebook. Last year we opened a unique marketplace, which is the first of its kind — an Etsy-like marketplace for content creators and buyers.

Meet Amy

Amy is a Christian wife of 23 years to her brilliant knight in shining armor, mom to their 18-year-old scientist, and cat mom to their kitty named Tribble.  Their classical, literature-rich homeschooling days are over as the scientist graduated early and is currently pursuing a mathematics degree.

Amy has a passion for genealogy and a love for helping others trace their family trees to learn more about their roots. She and her family are die-hard Whovians, Tolkienites, and Trekkies, she adores her husband, son and kitty, loves her Kindle, sweet tea, cheese, and holidays, even the silly ones like National Eat Like a Hobbit Day.

Professionally, Amy has been creating content for award-winning bloggers, authors, and curriculum companies for over 13 years, including LEGO, Pitsco, VTech, and Rosetta Stone. A detail-oriented ISTJ and Ravenclaw, Amy has also co-founded two multi-faceted organizations in the homeschool niche and published seven non-fiction books, including 3 Amazon best-sellers.     

Currently she specializes in STEM, gaming, coding, and holiday content. Her STEM content has been published in Good Housekeeping Magazine and The Week Junior Magazine.

Meet Renée

Renée is a Christian, wife, mom, homeschool mom, blogger, and speaker. She’s been married to her beloved, Michael, for over 27 years. She’s navigating homeschooling high school for their 17-year-old son whose musical and artistic abilities are leading him toward future studies in the arts.

She has a heart for offering tips, tricks, and advice about homeschooling gifted and special needs learners, encouraging and motivating women in their marriages and families. You can often find her drinking a tall glass of sweet iced tea, a hot cup of coffee, writing, or cooking for family and friends.

Professionally, Renée has helped overwhelmed bloggers and small business owners manage their online presence through content creation, editing, and social media management for over 7 years. She has extensive experience in social media event coordination. She has written 2 self-published ebooks and contributed 6 additional books including 3 Amazon best-sellers.

Currently, she specializes in early education, and family management content, as well as graphic memes and detailed menu plans.