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Thanksgiving Feast Alphabet Cards


Does your blog focus on preschool, educational, or parenting?

These alphabet vocabulary cards are a great opt-in or sales item for Thanksgiving. You’ll get a card for each letter of the alphabet that can be cut out, and bound using a clip, or ring. 


Download Information

You will receive a 14 page, 8.5 x 11 landscape view, secured pdf containing one pate that includes a cover sheet and copyright page on half size cards. And, the pack contains 13 pages containing 26 alphabet cards featuring Thanksgiving Feast vocabulary for all letters.

You also will receive 1 flat-lay stylized photo that is 940 x 780 px along with a tall flat-lay pinnable image sized to 1000 x 15000 px.

You will be able to download your files via a single zip drive immediately following your payment in your checkout dashboard.

Graphics and fonts are sourced via designers that allowable commercial use TOS.

  • When necessary attribution is included within the pdf file.
  • If no attribution is present then no attribution is required.
  • If a separate purchase is needed by blogger of graphic files for licensing purposes I will note that information here, and give with further details upon purchase of pack in order to buy their own commercial use license.