Article – Tips for Organizing the Junk Drawer

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This article and photograph set is ideal for any blogger who focuses on family, homemaking, household needs, and helping mothers manage life. You’ll get everything you need to simple brand, upload, and publish. 

You will receive a completely written SEO 980+ word article with title, headings and 5 tips for organizing a junk drawer, in a WORD document that can be uploaded and transferred into a Google doc if needed.


You will also receive the html version for easy copy/paste into your blog editor. Additionally, you will receive 8 original photos and graphics including: 2 1000×1500 px Pins, one with text, one without, and 2 600×1200 pins, one with text and one without. Plus, 4 photos showing in-process from junk drawer to organized drawer. 

You will be able to download your files via a single zip drive immediately following your payment in your checkout dashboard.