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Anyone who is online these days knows that Pinterest has quickly grown to be one of the most searchable sites on the internet. Why? Simply put, Pinterest marketing works! With 2 Billion plus searches a month you can be sure that your target market is already there.

So, bloggers, online entrepreneurs, like yourself should be utilizing this mostly free resource to market and grow your posts, printable opt-ins, along with printable downloads you have in your shop.

Pinterest at it’s core is a visual bookmarking search engine that provides visually interesting results. Those results can then be categorized by the users into boards of their own that become their go to source for information, ideas, tips, and resources.

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5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Marketing for your Business

  • Pinterest  gives you FREE access to potential customers, clients, or readers, outside of your existing following. When your image appears in a users feed and they click repin that automatically boosts your pin to their followers. And the more repins it receives the more user feeds Pinterest will add a pin to based upon a users search and pin history.A single pin can bring your site endless traffic for months, even years. Which increases your likelihood of converting a page viewer to a sales lead.

Example: This one PIN that I pinned from my homeschooling blog has been pinned more than 9,200 times. But, I’ve pinned that content to multiple boards, so each of the other pins consistently drive traffic as well. This one pin was originally shared more than 2 years ago and I still get daily traffic from this pin.

  • But here’s the best part, most pins are public unless you choose to make it secret. By using keywords within your descriptions and on your Pinterest boards, you feed your pin to the Pinterest public search option.

Example: Let’s say you run a travel website. You create a web post about How to Save Money with 5 Family Travel Tips,  with a fantastic pinnable image. A pinnable image is an image that has eye catching text, optimized for Pinterest best image sizes. Then you pin it to your own Pinterest board “Family Travel Tips.” When someone does a Pinterest search for “Family Travel Tips” your pin will be among those that turn up in results.

  • Guess what? Pinterest pins also turn up in Google Search, Yahoo Search and other search engine searches. Therefore, your single pin is not only searchable on Pinterest’s search engine but it becomes a searchable web item that can reach anyone on the web.
  • Pinterest drive traffic to your website. The visual marketing aspect that IS the Pinterest magic creates a visual curiosity that causes users to click over to learn more. Once on your site you have the opportunity to convert that traffic into leads, and better yet, customers.
  • One of the keys to online ranking is the number of websites that provide you with inbound links to your site. Pinterest does just that. Everytime an image is pinned from your site to Pinterest, it creates a link back to your site. The more linked images from Pinterest to your site, the higher your page ranks in search engines. 

Pinterest engagement can be quite addictive. Users hop online to find a recipe or other tip or idea and before long, they’ve spent 20 minutes pinning to multiple boards. The really incredible thing is how often they revisit those boards and implement their ideas, tips and information they find there.

Pinterest marketing is simple, & easy. It doesn’t take long to set up a profile, and boards, then with just a few clicks of the mouse you can fill your boards with content relevant to your brand. Then you can begin sharing content from your own website with the purpose of driving traffic back to your site.

Are you a Blogger? Did you know that Pinterest now allows the pinning of affiliate links to your boards. Therefore you can put your Pinterest account to work for you by earning income through affiliate marketing.

Plus, by making your site pin friendly your existing users will naturally begin pinning your content to their own boards.

You can, if you choose, boost pins with Pinterest advertising. But it’s not required. You can completely market your product, service or industry on Pinterest with little to no cost to your business. 

4 Smart Tools to Make Pinterest Marketing Even Easier

  • Tailwind App – This is my favorite Pinterest app. It let’s you pin to multiple boards from one location and schedules them to your pre-selected schedule to auto feed to your Pinterest account. Keeping a steady stream, during peak hours, keeps your followers engaged, pinning and coming back for more. Try it FREE for 30 Days.
  • Ahalogy – Is both a content scheduler and a marketing agency. They work to connect marketers with influencers in a mutually beneficial way. If you are a marketer you may want to consider using their services to connect with influencers to promote your brand on Pinterest.
  • Buffer – Allows you to schedule your pins to Pinterest. What’s good about Buffer is that you can use the one app to connect multiple social networks; Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, and LinkedIn. That makes scheduling to multiple locations so much easier.
  • Canva – Smart, easy, image editor for creating stunning social media images, including pinnable images optimized for Pinterest. See their FREE, Learn to Design tutorial to learn best practices.
Text: 5 Reasons Why Pinterest Marketing Works, Image: Blogger holding cell phone with sparkly twinkle lights in background

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