Let’s face it, working online as a blogger means you have to put on a lot of different hats. From writing content, to understanding SEO, to developing a brand, the list goes on and on. Content creation can be all encompassing. Add to all of that the need for top-notch blog graphics that can be promoted on all the social sites and you’re in for some time consuming work.

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Don’t worry, you do not have to have a degree in graphic design to be able to produce gorgeous graphics for your website and social media accounts.

There are wonderful web-based sites that have taken the guess work out of graphic design. They’ve done the heavy lifting for you by creating gorgeous templates, selecting awesome fonts, and other fabulous design elements that you can utilize to create your own blog graphics. From Pinterest to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you’ll be able to find just the right template for the application you’ll need.

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4 Graphic Design Sites to Help You Create Amazing Graphics for Your Blog

1)  Canva.com

Canva is my #1 go-to for online graphic creative work. The pre-formatted sizes they have available for images to be optimized for any social network makes it easy to keep graphics appropriately sized. Add to that the incredible amount of templates for each of those pre-formats and it makes it simple to change out text and images.

With just a few tweaks you can create beautiful custom images. On top of that, you can save your own templates, upload your own fonts, and set your own regularly used color hex codes. In fact, you can input your entire style sheet for quick and easy graphic design.

2)     Pixlr.com

If you want the functionality of Photoshop without the expense. Then Pixlr.com is right for you. While you can’t do everything that photoshop can do, you can do quite a lot. They actually have two different graphic design options when you go to this free website.

Pixlr E (Editor) is great for working in layers, making corrections or changes to existing photographs or graphics or completely manipulate layers to change the entire dimension of the way it’s laid out.

Pixlr X (Express) is more of a general graphic editor and more user friendly. With it, you can apply a quick fix or add a personal touch with creative effects,  overlays, borders and text.

3)  PicMonkey.com

PicMonkey is great for editing existing photos. It’s easy to use, intuitive and offers a wide variety of template and overlay options.

You can create gorgeous collages and change your graphic sizes to any dimension you want. They offer a way to save your templates which makes it easy to re-use again and again.

4) Crello.com

Crello is so simple you’ll wonder why you’ve not used it before! It’s tied directly into Deposit Photos. Find any photo you want to use and click their “Create Design” and you’ll be taken directly to Crello where you can utilize fonts, and elements to create amazing one-of-a-kind designs.

With these four graphic design sites you’ll be sure to create gorgeous graphics for your blog. I even utilize many of their functions to enhance some of the work I do as a content creator. So, rest assured I only recommend sites that I know and love.

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